Why CNJ Loves Headless and You Should Too!

Mak KordićMarch 15, 2023
Why CNJ Loves Headless and You Should Too!

Hey there, B2B clients! Are you tired of dealing with slow, clunky CMS systems that are difficult to maintain and scale? Well, we’ve got some good news for you: there’s a better way! At CNJ, we’re big fans of the headless CMS approach, and we think you should be too. So let’s dive in and explore why.

First things first: what is a headless CMS? In a traditional CMS system, the frontend (what the user sees) and the backend (where content is managed) are tightly coupled, meaning that changes made on the backend affect the frontend directly. In a headless CMS, however, the frontend and backend are separated, allowing for more flexibility and versatility.

So why do we love the headless CMS approach at CNJ? Well, there are a number of benefits for our clients, including:


With a headless CMS, content can be delivered more quickly and efficiently, as there is no need to load the entire CMS system for each page request. This means faster load times and a better user experience.


Because the frontend and backend are separated, it’s more difficult for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in the system. This means greater security and peace of mind for our clients.


A headless CMS is more versatile and adaptable, which means it can be easily updated and scaled to meet future needs. This means greater longevity for our clients’ digital solutions.


A headless CMS can be used to power a variety of different digital solutions, from websites to mobile apps to IoT devices. This means greater flexibility and versatility for our clients.


A headless CMS can handle large amounts of traffic and content, making it ideal for businesses that need to scale quickly and efficiently. This means greater growth potential for our clients.

At CNJ, our mission is to be custodians of our clients’ investments in their digital transformation. We support them on this journey by choosing the best tools and technologies and optimizing their flows, to create digital solutions that will achieve their business goals and growth. By using the headless CMS approach, we help our clients achieve their digital goals while also keeping costs under control.

So, are you ready to embrace the headless CMS approach with CNJ? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your digital goals with speed, security, future-proofing, versatility, and scalability. We can’t wait to help you create something truly remarkable!


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