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After collaborating closely with CNJ Digital for over four years, I am excited to highlight just how much their involvement has meant to us. They played a vital role in bringing our mobile app to life and making our day-to-day operations smoother. What's really impressive is their skill in creating the app and making sure it works seamlessly with our existing systems. Their support has been exceptional, and I can't stress enough how well they understood our needs. They also took the initiative to turn our ideas into reality, which has been incredibly valuable for the great success and better promotion and usage of the app within our network.

Voislav Markovikj

Voislav Markovikj

CIO, Trademark Service LE AB, Husse

What makes CNJ digital unique is their ability to balance a highly organized and structured approach. Working collaboratively with the wider team was always an enjoyable and stress-free experience, as they consistently delivered their work on schedule and communicated progress clearly. Furthermore, CNJ demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills, providing valuable support and guidance in the event of unexpected challenges or obstacles.

Aljaž Daković

Aljaž Daković

Fundraising Manager, Unicef Slovenija

Working with CNJ Digital on the development of has been a positive experience for A1 Slovenija. Their team was diligent in managing the project and responsive to our needs, ensuring that the web portal and app were aligned with our vision for a community-centric storytelling platform. Their problem-solving approach contributed to a smooth launch, and their coordination with our team helped in achieving our goal of connecting generations. The result was a user-friendly product that has gained recognition and appreciation within the market.

Tatjana Kos

Tatjana Kos

Senior Marketing Communication Expert, A1 Slovenija


Questions we get, answers we give.

At CNJ digital, we begin each project with an in-depth discovery phase. Our expert team of UX researchers and designers, strategists and project managers engage with clients to understand their business objectives, target audience, and market dynamics. We ask pointed questions and leverage our years of experience to guide clients in defining their needs and creating a clear roadmap for the project. This collaborative process ensures we develop solutions that are tailored to our clients' unique needs and goals and will actually solve them.
We use agile methodologies to keep projects on track. This means we work in short, focused sprints and maintain a prioritized backlog of tasks. Regular check-ins and updates with the client ensure transparency and timely feedback. For budget control, we employ rigorous project management strategies and clearly defined scopes of work. We also maintain a proactive approach in communicating any potential changes or risks that might impact the budget or schedule, allowing for effective decision making. We also take on the task of explaining the client if their wishes/changes will break the budget or/and timeline.
The choice of technology is driven by the specific requirements of each project. For mobile app development, we primarily use React Native and Capacitor due to their performance and the broad developer support. For web development, we lean towards JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue.js for their flexibility and efficiency. For backend development, we use Node.js and PHP-Laravell, which are powerful and scalable. Our primary goal is to select the most suitable, reliable, and cutting-edge technologies that would bring the most value to our clients' projects.
We consider the project launch as the beginning of a new phase rather than the end of our engagement. After each initial launch we provide a Hypercare period, where our team is on stand by for any and all issues that may arise. After that period, we offer comprehensive post-launch services that cover both the user experience and technical aspects. This includes monitoring, performance reviews, feature updates, and continual optimisation. This ensures that the solutions we provide continue to serve our clients' needs effectively and remain aligned with the ever-evolving digital landscape.
Pricing for our projects is based on a variety of factors, including the scope of the project, the technologies used, and the time it takes to deliver. As such, it can vary significantly from project to project. However, we are committed to providing a clear, detailed quote after our initial discovery phase, which allows us to fully understand the client's needs and expectations. We believe in transparency and strive to offer value for money to all our clients. We do think of our selves as guardians of your digital investment so we try our best to use your budgets wisely.

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